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Picture from our field test in an inclusive Kigali school.

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Your contribution will support our first communication device for children in Rwanda. We partnered with Handicap International-UK and Handicap International-Rwanda to co-create an affordable communication device for children with speech and cognitive disabilities in low-resource classrooms around the world. Feedback and data collection from our field tests will better inform our process and ensure our product is made with input from our end-user.

Our goal of $8,000 will help offset costs including prototype materials, flights, meals, transportation, hiring local engineers and occupational therapists as well as long term product development. The more we raise, the more we guarantee our focus in building a quality device for developing countries.    

For the past 2 years, our team has bootstrapped the entire initiative. This campaign will enable us to not only reach our goal, but more importantly, we hope children living with disabilities will no longer face marginalization in the classroom or their communities.  

This is the first of what we hope to be many projects around the world helping underrepresented children reach their full potential. We are excited about the future of our organization, but we cannot do it alone. Our efforts and ideas need financial support from global organizations, community stakeholders and private citizens who recognize the disparity that exists and want to help bridge the gap.  

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Our fundraising campaign is powered by

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