Assistive Labs in Rwanda: IJWI meets Handicap International

ijwi met Handicap International's Rwandan country team this morning after 2 years of working on the device via Skype together! Their pilot program is working with 2000 children living with disabilities and set to expand to 8000 soon. ijwi and Assistive Labs will be working with 3 schools to start, and will expand to more schools later into our time in Rwanda.

We are thrilled to be working with such a wonderful team! For more information visit

Rwanda Fundraiser Launch!

We're Live! Assistive Labs is raising funds for our pilot test in Rwanda. We've launched a campaign on Generosity, a crowdfunding platform for humanitarian and social conscious initiatives.  

Our goal of $8,000 will help offset costs including prototype materials, flights, meals, transportation, hiring local engineers and occupational therapists as well as the long term development of the device. The more we raise, the more we guarantee our focus in building a quality device for developing countries.

For more information on our campaign, visit

Assistive Labs is going to Rwanda

Alex Berrio, CEO & Co-Founder, and the Assistive Labs@Yale students are traveling to Rwanda in June for a very special trip. We partnered with Handicap International-UK and Handicap International-Rwanda to co-create an affordable communication device for children with speech and cognitive disabilities in low-resource classrooms around the world. We are scheduled to visit 6 schools in and out of Kigali for preliminary testing.

Stay tuned for more updates!